Explore New Horizons at the Revamped Omni-Theatre

Singapore, June 3, 2015 -- The Science Centre Singapore (SCS) is reopening its Omni-Theatre, which has been digitally enhanced with the world's latest and brightest 8K digital fulldome system to offer a distinctly immersive experience. The audience will be able to transcend physical boundaries and travel virtually to remote locations on Earth and in space to learn more about astronomy, space science and exploration from the comfort of their seats at OmniTheatre.

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The upgraded Omni-Theatre will officially reopen to the public on 30 May 2015 as a dualtechnology edutainment destination, fitted with the world's latest and brightest 8K digital fulldome system to complement the existing IMAX 70mm film projection system on Southeast Asia's largest seamless dome screen.

Visitors can enjoy a choice of digital fulldome movies and "Live" shows with topical, real-time presentations conducted by SCS science educators. The "Live" shows are powered by the 8K digital fulldome system and Digistar 5 visualisation software with video playback and real-time computer graphics rendered accurately with high-resolution detail, along with real-time data from the likes of American Museum of Natural History and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Mr. Clarence Sirisena, Deputy Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore, said: "Here at Science Centre Singapore, we constantly innovate and refresh our offerings and we recognise that immersive environments are the next learning frontier that can help bridge gaps between classroom learning and real-life applications. This immersive 8K experience, augmented by the real-time live astronomy presentations conducted by our team of science educators, will enable visitors to explore and learn about space like never before. We hope this will pique interest and inspire the youth to push boundaries and explore new territories in space science, exploration and research."

Scott Niskach, Director of International Sales, Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation, added: "With the powerful 8K digital fulldome system installed at Science Centre Singapore, the audience can enjoy the latest and the best immersive dome cinema experience. They can choose to embark on a real-time voyage into space, where the science educators have full control over what they want to show and where they want to bring the audience, and at the same time teach them about space science and exploration. There are also several digital movie productions that can further introduce the marvels of space and spur even greater interest in astronomy and beyond."

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About Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is a non-formal educational institution and a leading regional Science Centre. A custodian of creativity and innovation, the Centre has captured the evolution of scientific developments through unique and relevant exhibitions and shows.

The Centre houses 14 exhibition galleries with more than 1,000 exhibits, and another 30,000 square metres of outdoor exhibition space showcasing the Waterworks exhibition, Ecogarden and Kinetic Garden. Other Science Centre Singapore attractions include the Omni-Theatre, Snow City and KidsSTOP™.

The Centre and its partners have played a pivotal role in transforming the way students and the public interact with and learn about science & technology. Together with the Omni-Theatre and Snow City, it has engaged and enriched more than 29.5 million students and visitors since 1977.

The Science Centre, Omni-Theatre and Snow City received 1.30 million visitors for FY2014/2015. For more information, please visit www.science.edu.sg

About Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary, Spitz Inc., creates innovative digital planetarium systems and cutting-edge, fulldome show content. E&S has developed Digistar 5, the world's leading digital planetarium with fulldome video playback, real-time computer graphics, and a complete 3D digital astronomy package fully integrated into a single theater system. This technology allows audiences to be immersed in full-color, 3D computer-generated interactive worlds. As a full-service system provider, E&S also offers Spitz domes, SciDome, hybrid planetarium systems including Goto optical mechanical projectors integrated with Digistar 4 and a full range of theater systems from audio and lighting to theater automation. E&S markets include planetariums, science centers, themed attraction venues, and premium large-format theaters. E&S products have been installed in over 1,300 theaters worldwide. Visit the E&S website at www.es.com.

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