Evans & Sutherland Training

Evans & Sutherland knows that education is the key to success, so E&S offers training with every Digistar system. Training courses are taught by qualified personnel who encourage customers to take a hands-on approach to learning; within each course, specific examples and areas of emphasis are chosen to fit the needs of individual customers. E&S is committed to preparing customers to understand and maintain their systems as well as meet their goals with Digistar.

  • Operator & Maintenance Training
    O&M training introduces customers to their new hardware and teaches them how to maintain the system in top operating condition.
  • Real-time Software Training
    Our software training thoroughly covers all features of the Digistar software and teaches users how to prepare and present shows that meet their quality and educational standards.
  • Production Training
    Production training introduces powerful tools and techniques that allow users to create custom content for the dome.

In addition to formal training courses, E&S Service & Support experts have established an online knowledge base and can provide answers and advice relating to the system hardware, software and production. Customers are also welcome during system installation to observe the process in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of system components.


Training Schedule

Current customers can log in to view the training schedule and make training inquiries.