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Digistar is in a class all its own, providing powerful features and the most user friendly interface in the industry. Its robust digital theater platform offers presenters day-to-day reliability matched with innovative tools to inspire the most demanding audiences.

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Show Builder Back to Top

With Digistar 5, creating real time shows is easier and more intuitive than ever before. Simply set up a scene using Digistar's real time user interface and take a snapshot of the scene using the new Show Builder tool. As you continue to modify the scene and capture snapshots, the system records the state of objects on the dome and allows you to adjust the snapshot and transition times. In a matter of minutes you can create exciting real time sequences, effortlessly tweak them to your liking and play them back, all from within Digistar.

Science on a Sphere Back to Top

Integration of NOAAS Science on a Sphere® Datasets. More than 200 unique datasets in five categories: Astronomy, Atmosphere, Land, Models & Simulations, and Ocean.

  • Includes more than 25 real-time Earth weather and solar datasets.
  • Includes a number of self-running and presenter-led demonstrations.
  • All datasets include comprehensive info pages.
  • Includes new Control Panel pages for accessing the datasets.


Hi-Res Planetary Surfaces Back to Top

Fly down to the surface of the earth and other planets and moons in the solar system for spectacular high resolution detail and 3d terrain. This revolutionary feature offers extremely smooth transitions between lower resolution textures for more distant viewing and high resolution textures for close fly-overs. The high resolution textures do not "tile" or page in as they do on the internet or with other systems. Simply define the area of your flight path and preload the needed high resolution textures for seamless travel from space to a few thousand feet above the ground.


Navigation Enhancements Back to Top

  • Fly to and land on the Hi-Res surface of a body in the Solar System
  • Track and fly to any celestial object in its current orbital path
  • Fly to named stars in a script
  • Track satellites, space craft, and other bodies using date-based paths


XBox 360 Kinect Interface Back to Top

With the XBOX 360 Kinect, the presenter's body becomes the controller. This exciting technology uses motion sensors to capture movements and gestures, and translate them into commands. This allows presenters, adults, and children alike, the ability to interact with the dome like never before.


Binary Stars, Variable Stars and Exoplanets Back to Top

New dataset containing binary stars, variable stars and exoplanets, all available through Digistar's user interface. New sophisticated algorithms allow astronomical bodies to maintain accurate positions and sizes across the enormous range of astronomical scales.


Drag & Drop Back to Top

Drag an item from the Digistar Library or Windows Explorer directly to the dome for instant display! Digistar instantly recognizes the file format and gives you point and click options for how you want the item displayed on the dome.


Interactive Dome View Back to Top

In this industry-first feature, Digistar offers you direct interactive control of nearly anything displayed on the dome. Simply point, click and drag directly on the Dome View. For more precise control, undock the Dome View from the user interface and display on the full screen.


High Definition Video Input Back to Top

This live input accepts up to 1920x1080 HD or SD video from a variety of sources including Blu-ray, DVD, satellite/cable, PC, and video cameras for real time display anywhere on the dome. Real time chroma keyer allows instant compositing of live video.


Multiple Cameras & Scenes Back to Top

Digistar provides unlimited fulldome cameras that can be stationed anywhere in the universe. This allows smooth transitions between one scene and another, and allows for multiple picture-in-picture on-screen windows.


Revolutionary User Interface (UI) Back to Top

Designed to work quickly and intuitively, Digistar's powerful user interface gives you access to a vast library of content through a simple search field or software tabs that organize the system functions into basic show playback, live astronomy, show production, and system maintenance.


Multilingual Interface And Fulldome Display Capabilities Back to Top

Designed for use in low light environments, dark mode reduces light scatter in the dome and preserves the operator's dark adaptation. Digistar features two settings: standard red mode, and an alternate green mode to further minimize light output and scatter on the dome.


User Interface Dark Mode Back to Top

Designed for use in low light environments, dark mode reduces light scatter in the dome and preserves the operator's dark adaptation. Digistar features two settings: standard red mode, and an alternate green mode to further minimize light output and scatter on the dome.


Information At Your Fingertips Back to Top

Each object in Digistar is associated with a page of detailed information about that specific object. This way presenters can have ready-access reference material to help them answer questions or to provide them with helpful facts about any object in the system. Users can add their own notes or even live web links to these windows to make this information even more useful.


Encode Once Technology Back to Top

Encode a show's video streams once for playback in your theater and the show will play in any Digistar theater that has the same type and number of projectors. For example, the same video encode will work for every 4K x 4K theater with cove mounted projectors. With Digistar there is no need to do custom video encodes for each theater.


All-Access Universe Data Back to Top

Digistar's user interface puts the system's vast amount of astronomical data at your fingertips in a variety of ways including shortcut buttons that group content by sky, planets & sun, Zodiacal constellations, Messier Objects, shows, trailers, etc. The user interface offers tagged searches, smart lists, and traditional folder views. There are a number of useful ways you can organize the data sets for your live shows including fully customizable presentation folders. Users can add the latest astronomical data directly into the Digistar library for future use. Users can create unlimited custom control panel pages within the user interface to organize the data sets in ways that best meet their individual needs.


Real-Time Volumetric Rendering Back to Top

Digistar brings real-time ray tracing to the dome, accurately rendering volumetric data for scientific visualization and the beautiful re-creation of astronomical objects, including galaxies and nebulae. Our own Milky Way galaxy contains volumetric dust lanes, H2 regions and large scale cloud formations. Digistar includes a number of volumetric nebulae developed by researchers at the Institut für Computergraphik, TU Braunschweig and Visualisierungsinstitut, Universität Stuttgart.