Digital Theater Audio & Lighting

E&S offers professional theater audio and lighting to provide complete, integrated solutions for planetariums and digital fulldome theaters. Dome theaters have specific requirements, and the E&S team has over thirty years of experience designing systems for domes.



E&S offers planetarium specific audio systems for domes and budgets of all sizes. The standard audio system is a 5.1 surround sound system which provides a professional feature package with premium amplifiers and five speakers plus a subwoofer. Included is a rack-mount CD player; a wireless microphone package with lavaliere, headset and handheld microphones; a manual audio mixer; a professional patch bay; and a digital audio processing system for system equalization, delay, and level balancing. Manual control of audio is provided via Digistar or a programmable console control panel. E&S also offers hearing impaired solutions including Closed Captioning reflectors and an assistive listening system that can also be used for multi-lingual presentations.



LED lighting systems are specifically designed for use in dome theaters in place of incandescent lights. LED technology minimizes power requirements, greatly reduces heat generation and maintenance. These systems utilize a new high resolution 16-bit tricolor LED chip instead of the 3 individual R-G-B LEDs used by other vendors. Three LEDs combined into one tri-color unit allow for the colors of light to come cohesively from the same points. This allows greater LED density per color and a wider dispersion LED source. Overall output of the strips is perfectly smooth and eliminates any scalloping, insuring homogeneous blending of colors.

Control and selection of scenes is accomplished either via the Digistar Control Panel, Digistar scripts, or via an optional computer-based show control system. Manual faders can also be added as an option. The advanced system includes control over each individual foot per color allowing for fade up and down of any mix of colors as well as dramatic chases, wipes, sunrises, sunsets, etc.