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EC1 Lódz, Poland 8K Digistar 5 System Installation

7/22/2015 3:42:30 PM UTC - Installation for EC1 Lódz's new 8K Digistar 5 System is progressing. Here are some behind the scenes shots we snapped of their exciting project!

Live from Pluto under the Planetarium Dome: Digistar 5 in Action

7/20/2015 9:10:42 PM UTC - Check out this terrific "time-lapse" created by AmazingSky of a Pluto presentation at Telus Spark using Digistar 5! This is really great work and worth a watch!

Read more from Alan Dyer's blog about his live demonstration about Pluto. "What a way to present a lecture! I spent 40 years producing and presenting planetarium shows, but these new tools for visualizing the universe in the dome are jaw-dropping. It was fun to get back using them again, to bring this historic flyby event to the public in a unique way."
Live from Pluto under the Planetarium Dome

World Premier: Edge of Darkness Trailer

7/14/2015 6:46:36 PM UTC - World Premier: Edge of Darkness Trailer

Edge of Darkness features amazing scenes of places never before seen. It features a spectacular flight though the great cliffs on comet 67P, a close look at the fascinating bright "lights” on Ceres and the first ever close ups of dwarf binary planet Pluto/Charon and its moons.

Coming November 2015.

Image Credits:
Comet 67P photos courtesy of ESA - European Space Agency
Pluto/Charon photos courtesy of NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Surat, India Fulldome Film Festival and Planetarium Conference

7/13/2015 3:55:15 PM UTC - Science Center Surat in collaboration with E&S and Infovision will host the India Planetarium Conference & Fulldome Film Festival to be held in Surat, India on 3-4 Aug. 2015.

E&S Announces Recipient of 2015 DUG Conference Student Scholarship

7/6/2015 3:29:48 PM UTC - Congratulations to Andres Gamiz, a sophomore at Arizona State University, who has been awarded the E&S sponsored student scholarship. Andres will receive roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, and conference registration fees.

Andres currently studies geology and ultimately hopes to pursue a degree in Planetary Geology. He currently works at the Mesa Community College Planetarium with Dr. Kevin Healy, who encouraged him to apply for the DUG student scholarship. Since 2013 he has been working with Digistar, running shows, and writing scripts for shows. By attending DUG this year he hopes to build on his solid foundation of using Digistar by attending the workshops and seminars, and to make connections with other Digistar users.

Thank you to all those who submitted an application for the student scholarship. You can still register for 2015 DUG Conference by mail or online here: DUG 2015 Online Registration

EC1 Lódz, Poland 8K Digistar 5 System Ships

7/2/2015 3:29:38 PM UTC - Everything is packed, loaded and shipped for EC1 Lódz's new 8K Digistar 5 System! Next stop: Poland!

8K Digistar 5 System Now Open at the Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science

6/29/2015 2:15:42 PM UTC - More photos of the new 8K Digistar 5 system with 6 Sony T-615 projectors at the Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science.

EC1 Lódz's Dome Installation

6/25/2015 7:36:07 PM UTC - Dome installation is underway at EC1 Lodz, Poland. Here are some on-site photos of their installation progress. We are concluding testing on their new 8K Digistar 5 system here at E&S and will post more pictures when it is all packaged up and ready for shipment.

E&S hosts AMNH's Director of Astrovisualization Carter Emmart

6/19/2015 7:14:18 PM UTC - This week E&S was thrilled to host Director of Astrovisualization from the American Musuem Of Natural History, Carter Emmart. We reviewed incorporation of his new project OpenSpace into Digistar. This groundbreaking project is mapping images of comets, Ceres and Pluto using the precise geometry from ESA navigation data and image time stamps from spacecrafts Rosetta, Dawn, New Horizons, and more.

Carter was kind enough to give us demonstration in our dome using Digistar 5, which already has the renowned Digital Universe fully integrated and available to more than 200 Digistar sites around the world. We also got a glimpse of the fantastic real-life images that are being built with OpenSpace.

Taiwan Final Adjustments and Finishing Touches

6/17/2015 7:19:16 PM UTC - The night before the new 8K Digistar 5 opening at the Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science. Final adjustments and finishing touches are wrapping up!

On-site Training at Taiwan's National Museum of Natural Science

6/12/2015 3:22:03 PM UTC - We have been on-site conducting Digistar 5 training at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan. Welcome to the Digistar family! We are excited for their opening next week, 18 June, 2015.

Auto-Blending Before and After Photos

6/9/2015 5:27:17 PM UTC -
As promised, here are some before and after un-edited pictures of the 23 M dome at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan. Using Digistar 5's fully integrated and proprietary Auto-blending, one click of a mouse seamlessly blends six (6) Sony projectors into beautiful 8K resolution on their 23 meter dome.

Auto-Blend and Auto-Alignment are options that are fully integrated into Digistar 5.

Taiwan Training: Auto-blending

6/8/2015 5:54:01 PM UTC - Digistar 5's fully integrated auto-blending system creates an optimal edge blend with any projection system. We are at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan training their staff how to auto-blend their new 8K six (6) Sony projector, Digistar 5 system. We'll be posting more pictures soon of their 23 meter dome, before and after using auto-blend.

EC1 Lódz's new Digistar 5 8K System now being tested!

6/5/2015 10:06:33 PM UTC - EC1 Lódz's new Digistar 5 8K System with 6 Sony VLPGT100 projectors is now being tested in our dome prior to shipment.

Photos are of their computer racks at the start of construction, and fully built and running in our test dome

Bangkok Planetarium prepares for Digistar 5 Upgrade

6/3/2015 4:38:50 PM UTC - Working with our local partner, Siam TC, the Bangkok Planetarium is prepped for a major upgrade.

Asia Discovers Digistar: InPark Magazine Article

6/1/2015 9:14:48 PM UTC - Joe Kleiman and InPark Magazine profile Evans & Sutherland's role in expanding Asia's planetarium and fulldome markets:

Asia Discovers Digistar

First Official Screening of Science Center Singapore

5/29/2015 7:35:08 PM UTC - As part of Science Centre Singapore's community outreach and to mark the first official screening of their new 8K Digistar 5 system, guests comprised of students from astronomy clubs and lower-income families from local family centers were invited to a special preview at the newly revamped Omni-Theatre.

Science Centre Singapore is open to the public Saturday 30 May, 2015.

Longway Planetarium debuts their new 4K Digistar 5 system

5/27/2015 7:35:39 PM UTC - Longway Planetarium debuts their new Digistar 5 system during "Weekend of Wonder", May 29th to 31st.

Todd Slisher, Executive Director of Sloan*Longway said; "We are pleased to showcase these new high resolution video projectors (the Christie Boxers) as the first in any planetarium in the U.S. and Canada. This powerful display system combined with the Digistar 5 digital planetarium will provide audiences with an experience that is first of its kind. We feel that this new renovation of the Longway Planetarium will position us to be the premier informal educational facility in the region."

News Release:
Flint, Michigan's Planetarium debuts most advanced technology in North America

Out-Of-This-World Free Ticket: Same home, new dome

Singapore Science Centre's 3D 8K Digistar 5 system Installation Completed

5/22/2015 3:55:49 PM UTC - Science Centre Singapore's new 3D 8K Digistar 5 system, with five Christie D4K25 3D high brightness projectors, has been installed. Check out some behind the scenes photos of their new projectors.

Installation Beginning at Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science

5/20/2015 4:44:37 PM UTC - The Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science Upper Media Booth's legacy technology has been removed and prepared for their new Digistar 5 & Sony T-615 projectors.

Our shipment has arrived and we are on-site to install it!