Digistar Users Group

The Digistar Users Group (DUG) is an international association of facilities that own Evans & Sutherland (E&S) Digistar systems. This group provides a forum to discuss the Digistar digital planetarium system and other issues that interest Digistar owners. DUG also provides a way for users to share sequences, models and other products created for Digistar systems. Digistar Users Group maintains a dialogue with Evans & Sutherland, regarding service, Digistar hardware and software improvements and other areas of interest to Digistar users.


DUG encourages all Digistar facilities to join us for the 2014 Digistar Users Group Meeting in Kiel and Hamburg Germany.


Available only to DUG members, the library contains models, ready-to-play sequences, the newest utilities and complete shows.

Library materials may be downloaded by member institutions for use at their facilities. The DUG library also serves as a place for members to temporarily house files for inter-institution transfer. Members continually expand the library with new submissions. Examples of library materials:

  • Download-and-Play Sequences, such as identification of known extra-solar planets
  • Models of International Space Station, map of United States, water molecule, voyager space probe, Native American constellations and much more.
  • Complete shows, including files to accompany various show kits and stand-alone Digistar shows.


The DUG listserv provides members fast access to help and advice from dozens of experienced colleagues. Announcements and newsletters are electronically posted to the listserv. All DUG members are encouraged to subscribe to the Digistar Users Group Listserv. Messages can be received as individual e-mails, in a digest or viewed online.


The DUG website contains a host of resources useful to all members. Official DUG information (such as the Charter, Standing Rules and current officers), conference proceedings, a list of Digistar shows and a complete list of colleagues and contact information is on the website. Also, members can find FAQ and TIPS sections as well as a library search engine.


Newsletters contain messages from the president, complete minutes from the annual meetings, summaries of annual meetings, E&S news, and special features to help members keep in touch with what's happening in the Digistar community.


Evans & Sutherland as well a more than 50 member institutions send representatives to the annual DUG conference. Each year, a member institution hosts the conference. Only member institutions may send delegates to the conference. Some highlights of the conferences include the presentation of demos and new submissions to the library, awards for best demos, a business meeting, E&S Customer Service Forum, E&S service and news report, and an Enhancement Discussion with members and E&S personnel. Workshops and presentations benefit both the novice and advanced Digistar user in the areas of modeling, programming and presentation.

DUG members in 2012