A World-Wide Community

You can find Digistar theaters all over the globe: from Shanghai to Los Angeles to London. Digistar is installed in schools and universities, museums and science centers, planetariums and world expositions. Digistar users are a diverse community of professionals and we're amazed by all that they accomplish every single day. Our customers use Digistar to teach, inspire and entertain - sometimes all at once!


Armagh Planetarium

Armagh, Northern Ireland

Situated in the historic city of Armagh, Armagh Planetarium is famous throughout Ireland and beyond. Armagh Planetarium originally opened in 1968, making it today the oldest operating planetarium in the UK and Ireland. Since opening, the building has been greatly enlarged and now features two stories of exhibition area full of fascinating exhibits. A leading centre of technological innovation, the Planetarium is where video projection, audience interaction and many more of the elements of today's fulldome show presentations first dazzled audiences.

Today Armagh Planetarium is an active centre for astronomical education, running live science demonstrations, outreach programmes and welcoming tens of thousands of visitors every year. At the core of the operation is the Digital Theatre which can accommodate 94 visitors as they enjoy the programme of stunning star shows. For many local people a visit to Armagh Planetarium is their first exposure to the exciting world of astronomy, the beginning of a life-long fascination with the Cosmos.


NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center

Manila, Philippines

Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center located in SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines (one of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world) is the first technology based highly interactive science learning facility in the country.

Features a 15 meter Digistar planetarium seats 160 and opened in 2007 and is the first and largest digital planetarium in the Philippines.

This is a heavily used planetarium with an average of 17 shows per day running 12 hours a day 7 days a week serves a diverse population including both school groups and mall visitors.

In addition to the planetarium, the Science Discovery Center features 10 interactive galleries with hundreds of exhibits.

This project is very unique in that it was built without any government support. The project was the dream of SM's founder Mr. Henry T. Sy. Mr. Sy wanted to give the Filipinos a world-class Planetarium and Science Center housed in the convenience of one of the country's largest malls.

Following its highly successful opening, Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center is continually rebuilding itself with new exhibits, shows and tours. They have partnered with numerous museums, planetariums, science centers, and content providers like Discovery Channel to bring the best of the best to the Philippines.


Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory

Colgate University, Hamilton, New York

The Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory at Colgate University located in rural central New York is a 10 meter dome with 54 seats that opened in March 2008. The theater features a Digistar 4 with dual JVC projectors mounted in the dome center creating a 4K x 4K image. The theater serves a wide range of programming including:

  • Astronomy courses
  • Classics Department
  • Art & Art History
  • History of Science
  • Environmental Geography
  • Geology courses
  • Physics courses
  • Biology content
  • Student projects
  • School groups

An important aspect of the Digistar 4 system is that it can be used to create new productions. This allows us to go beyond simply projecting purchased shows and create in-house programs quickly and easily to meet the needs of our local audience.
Students are trained in-house and then work under the guidance of faculty to create a wide range of content. Some recent works include:

  • Original Full Dome Productions
    • The Making of a Star and Her Entourage
      A look at how our understanding of the formation of the Universe and our Solar System has changed over the centuries ending with our knowledge today of how Stars form.
      Colgate students are working on all aspects from script writing, to audio recording, original music & sound design, to original 3d models & visuals
    • Murder on the Ides
      A show about Caesar's assassination featuring live actors with Ancient Roman digital sets based on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
    • Paradise
      This show developed by a local high school teacher and Colgate student focuses on the Environmental movement. Starts off with the creation of the National Wildlife Foundation and ends with current Environmental problems.
  • Grand Canyon Fly-Through
  • Cascades Topography
  • Hudson River Glacier
  • Chinese Constellations
  • Inca Constellations
  • Grand Canyon Visuals
  • Forbidden City Fly-Through
  • Energy transfers from the Sun to the Earth


Thinktank Planetarium

Birmingham, UK

Thinktank Planetarium is the UK's first purpose-built digital dome, the most progressive digital planetarium in the country, and now also one of the top 10 busiest small domes in the world.

Located inside Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, it is the city's first ever planetarium, which means many of our visitors are unfamiliar with the concept of a planetarium. They use this to their advantage and their programme contains far more than just astronomy and space shows. Although the theatre's primary purpose is to deliver curriculum-linked shows to schools and child-friendly shows to family groups (they are in effect a children's museum), they also work with numerous artists to create more adult content for evening events.

In 2010 they succeeded with their third Arts Council funding application, and their reputation for fulldome innovation resulted in them hosting the 2nd UK Fulldome Film Festival in March 2011.

The planetarium team consists of a manager, two fulltime presenters and a few enthusiastic volunteers (with help from gallery staff at busy times). Their plans for the future are to develop a regular evening programme, upgrade to Digistar 4, and of course build a bigger planetarium!


Melaka Planetarium Adventure Science Centre

Melaka, Malaysia

The Melaka Planetarium & Adventure Science Centre is the first and only privatized planetarium in Malaysia. It includes a Digistar 3 with six DLP projectors under a 15 meter dome with 250 seats. The system was installed by Protech Builders Sdn Bhd, the E&S representative in Malaysia.

Opened to the public in July 2009, it is strategically located at the center of the MITC, Ayer Keroh, which is only less than 5 minutes from Ayer Keroh Toll and 10 minutes to the city centre. With a total land area of 6.9 acres, the Melaka Planetarium & Adventure Science Center is aimed to be one of the most trendy spots for Astronomy and Space Science learning in Melaka.

Melaka Planetarium Adventure Science Centre offers visitors a glimpse into the magnificent cosmos, and the history of astronomy and astronomers through its cutting-edge Digistar technology.


Nay Pyi Taw Planetarium

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Some projects happen slowly and others happen very fast. The Nay Pyi Taw Planetarium set a new record for building a planetarium from conception to completion. Four months from project star to completed construction, equipment installation, show programming and opening to the public.

Nay Pyi Taw Planetarium is located in the Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens. The planetarium opened 26 March 2009 and includes a 18 meter Spitz dome with Digistar 4 using DLP projectors and a Goto Chiron optical mechanical projector.

Nay Pyi Taw is the capitol of Myanmar located 300 km north of Yangon (Rangoon), the previous capital.


Science North / Science Nord

Sudbury, Canada

To increase our educational potential, we transformed our aging motion simulator ride experience into a state-of-the-art Digistar Planetarium. Working with Evans and Sutherland, we installed a Digistar 4 system under an intimate-sized 8 meter dome with 36 seats.

The Planetarium has been a great addition to our three other attractions; Science North, Dynamic Earth and a 3-D Imax Theatre. This is the only digital planetarium in Northern Ontario which allows us to attract students and visitors from many different communities. We also have a portable planetarium that brings exceptional education experiences to students up to 1,500 km away!


"A star show is an unforgettable experience, but the latest Digistar will take things to another level. These are exciting times!"

Dr. Tom Mason
Armagh Planetarium
Northern Ireland


"We are a commercial operation and reliability is very important for us. The planetarium is a huge success and a core anchor to our science center. For over 3 years, Digistar has been rock solid and the continued after sales support from E&S continues to be excellent. We could not have chosen a better system for our planetarium!"

Arturo C. Carballo Jr.
Senior Operations Manager
NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center


"The Digistar 4 has brought many members of the university community together to generate new educational ideas and to provide a science outreach service to our surrounding community"

Joseph Eakin
Colgate University


"I can't help comparing our Digistar3 system to Battlestar Galactica ie. it has operated faithfully under difficult conditions 24/7 for over five years now, and simply never says die. Our backup servers remain unused!"

Mario Di Maggio
Planetarium Manager
Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum


"What I enjoy most about working with Evans and Sutherland is the exceptional technical support. I have also seen many of my suggestions implemented in updates, which makes my job a whole lot simpler. The software is very easy to use and is pre-loaded with anything one would need for a successful planetarium presentation!"

Bryen McGuire
Staff Scientist / Scientifique
Science North