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Digistar is in a class all its own, providing powerful features and the most user friendly interface in the industry. Its robust digital theater platform offers presenters day-to-day reliability matched with innovative tools to inspire the most demanding audiences.

Projector Solutions

Digistar Features

[Digistar Cloud]

Digistar Cloud

Digistar comes with a revolutionary built-in cloud sharing capability that will connect Digistar customers world-wide. The Digistar cloud makes sharing great content simple. Upload to share or find what you need with the advanced library search. Download and install images, models, shows, videos and more with just a single click.

Demo Video

[Hi-Res Surface]

Hi-Res Planetary Surface

Fly down to the surface of the earth and other planets and moons in the solar system for spectacular high resolution detail and 3d terrain. This revolutionary feature offers extremely smooth transitions between lower resolution textures for more distant viewing and high resolution textures for close fly-overs. The high resolution textures do not "tile" or page in as they do on the internet or with other systems. Simply define the area of your flight path and preload the needed high resolution textures for seamless travel from space to a few thousand feet above the ground.


Multiple Stars, Variable Stars and Expoplanets

Dataset contains multiple stars, variable stars and exoplanets to explore, all available through Digistar's user interface. New sophisticated algorithms allow astronomical bodies to maintain accurate positions and sizes across the enormous range of astronomical scales.

Extensive Device Support

Control Digistar wirelessly using mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows. Interact with Digistar using your body and the Microsoft Kinect or fly through the universe with an Xbox controller. These and many other devices are supported by Digistar 5.

[Volumentric Nebula]

Volumetric Models and Particle Systems

Digistar incorporates an advanced algorithm for rendering volumetric data in real time. Clouds, nebulae, and the Milky Way galaxy can all be displayed in volumetric form in real time. Particle system rendering generates weather, volcano, geyser, fire, and other effects in real time.

All-Access Universe Data

Digistar's user interface puts the system's vast amount of astronomical data at your fingertips in a variety of ways including shortcut buttons that group content by sky, planets & sun, Zodiacal constellations, Messier Objects, shows, trailers, etc. The user interface offers tagged searches, smart lists, and traditional folder views.

Atmosphere Views from High Altitudes and from Space

Default atmosphere settings are available for each planet and are fully user adjustable.

[Digistar Interface]

Industry Leading Interface

Designed for ease of use yet fully customizable. Digistar's user interface contains a searchable library of content, drag and drop interactivity and a fully interactive Dome View window.

[Auto Alignment]

Auto Alignment & Auto Blending

Optional systems that not only automatically align the geometry of multiple video projectors, but also adjust brightness and edge blending between projectors. With one click the system automatically aligns in only a few minutes to within .5 pixel accuracy.

[Dark Mode]

User Interface Dark Mode

Designed for use in low light environments, dark mode reduces light scatter in the dome and preserves the operator's dark adaptation. Digistar features standard red mode and an alternate green mode to further minimize light output. A high-contrast monitor with a fully dimmable backlight is also available.


Digistar's user interface and dome output can be changed to display in any language. Choose from the included languages, or import data to add new languages.

Encode Once Technology

Encode a show's video streams once for playback in your theater and the show will play in any Digistar theater that has the same type and number of projectors. For example, the same video encode will work for every 4K x 4K theater with cove mounted projectors. With Digistar there is no need to do custom video encodes for each theater.

APOD Display

Automatically add the Astronomy Pictures of the Day to your Digistar Library and use it in your dome.

16K Planetary Textures

Display vivid 16K resolution surface textures for all the planets in the Solar System.

Seasonal Earth Textures

When viewing the Earth, Digistar displays surface imagery appropriate to the time of year.

Slideset Features

  • Transitions include: fades, dissolves, wipes and more
  • Slidesets automatically recognize an image's aspect ratio for instant correct mapping on the dome
  • Digistar supports unlimited slidesets

KML Data Support

KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth and Google Maps. Digistar provides support for KML data display on Earth.

AMNH Digital Universe

The Digital Universe dataset from the American Museum of Natural History and NASA is fully integrated into the user interface.

[Show Builder]

Show Builder

Quickly create custom content for your dome without having to write scripts using Show Builder. Show Builder uses a visual approach to creating exciting sequences using a storyboard and snapshots of the contents of your dome.

Demo Video

Scene Snapshots

Save the current scene as a snapshot with a single-click. Save snapshots in your library or upload them to the Cloud. Transition to saved snapshots on the dome at any time. This feature is great for real-time presentations.

[Interactive Dome]

Interactive Dome View

Directly interact with the objects on your dome and add other items to the dome simply by clicking and dragging. The dome view also allows for panning and zooming and moving time forward and backward.

High Definition Video Input

This optional live input accepts up to 1080 HD or SD video from a variety of sources including Blu-ray, DVD, satellite/cable, PC, and video cameras for real-time display anywhere on the dome. Real-time chroma keyer allows instant compositing of live video.

Information at Your Fingertips

Each object in Digistar comes with a detailed information page. This provides presenters with ready-access reference material to help them answer questions or to provide them with helpful data about any object in the system. Users can add their own notes or even live web links to these pages to make this information even more useful.

Powerful Programming

JavaScript and Python are both supported languages alongside the native Digistar scripting language, giving content developers unprecedented creative control. Digistar's script editor provides auto-completion, syntax highlighting and other power-user features.

60 FPS Video Playback

Digistar 5 offers video and real time playback at 60 frames per second, twice the industry standard of 30 fps. By doubling the number of frames played back over the same amount of time, the perceived resolution of the scene goes up dramatically. Motion appears much crisper and less blurry since the human eye sees twice as much information every second.

Automatic Model Tessellation

Allows easier creation of models, since Digistar automatically segments the geometry into the appropriate number of polygons needed for the model's proximity to the camera. This offers much more precise real time rendering of models, even up close. Models can be built much more simply, and Digistar handles the polygon scaling automatically. This provides a dramatically improved look for all real time models in Digistar.

[Science on a Sphere]

Integration of NOAA Science on a Sphere®

Digistar contains more than 200 unique datasets in five categories: Astronomy, Atmosphere, Land, Models & Simulations, and Ocean. This includes more than 25 realtime Earth weather and solar datasets and a number of selfrunning and presenter-led demonstrations.