How do I submit a resume?
You may submit your resume for a specific job listed on the Employment Opportunities page via email to staffing@es.com. Please enter the job number and title in the subject line of your email.

Does E&S keep a database of resumes that are not submitted for a specific job opening for future reference?
We accept and retain resumes only when submitted for a specific job posting. Because of the high number of unsolicited resumes we receive, we do not maintain a database of those resumes.

Once I have submitted my resume, do I contact you or do I wait for you to contact me? How will I know whether or not E&S is interested?
We will contact you after we have reviewed your resume.

How can I find out about job opportunities in a specific location?
All of our positions and their respective locations are posted on our Web site on the Employment Opportunities Page.

Where can I see descriptions of job types within E&S?
Our employment postings give an overview of the responsibilities and necessary qualifications for that position.


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